Mastering Your Emotions For Better Living

Emotions drive our actions in many ways. While many may believe that they are involuntary, many other, claim to have full control over it. The fact lies that it is dependent on the individual.

Emotions are a result of previous outcomes or an ongoing thought process in the human mind. However, sometimes, revealing emotions becomes extremely important in the backdrop of stress caused by suppressing them. Furthermore, having control over your emotions is all you would ever want to at times of despair and is essential for your spiritual growth.

Let’s know about few simple ways to master your emotions, for a better livelihood.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Knowing yourself is like knowing your universe

The first step is acknowledging feelings. It’s essential to know what you are feeling like, in a given situation or condition. Whether it is plain anxiety, or you are angry, try to understand a feeling when you are experiencing it.

You can only do this when you are highly conscious of yourself. Try to inculcate this sense when you are calm and are not experiencing any intense emotion.

Appreciate The Feelings

Once you have identified the feeling, try to appreciate whatever the feeling is. Do not neglect any part of it. Even if it is not fruitful, you may still have to consider it, so that the same is not repeated further.

Every emotion you experience is due to a reason; hence, each emotion is equally important. The main objective is to find out the real cause.

Identify The Message

Live up the emotions that you channel properly

The third step is to identify the message being conveyed through the emotion.

Every emotion is the consequence of something, as mentioned earlier.

Therefore, it is important that you become curious and try to identify the real meaning behind the emotion.


Stay Confident

This is the most powerful and effective way to handle your emotions. Therefore, if you have already been through a similar situation in the past, you can ask yourself about you handled it back then.

Next, you can implement the same tricks and handle the situation efficiently. Only maintaining the confidence will greatly help you in mastering your emotions.

Build Yourself

Paint your portrait

It is another important step, and quite similar to the above step. In here, you are likely to train yourself in handling emotions. You need to change your perception towards every situation at first. Whenever you suspect an overflow of emotions, get conscious and try to analyze is the overflow is worthy of the situation.

Think wisely in addition to maintaining the composure that you had handled a similar situation before, and which is why you will be able to handle this current situation as well.

Take Action

Now, this is the final step when you actually take the step of moving ahead with controlling your emotions. Gradually it becomes a habit and you are able to handle any situation effectively.

As they say, it is better said, than done. Therefore, it needs patience, and a lot of self-analysis and practice before you have developed a mastery. Although there may be cases of exceptions, you will be able to master them with time.