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~~~ Dr. William Tiller ~~~

Dr. William Tiller has been a professor at Stanford U. in the Department of materials science & Engineering. a consultant to government and industry in the fields of metallurgy and solid-state physics; formerly Associate Editor of 2 scientific journals; published many scientific papers and technical books and has five patents issued. His fields of specialization are crystal growth, surfaces and interfaces, physical metallurgy, semiconductor processing, thin film formation, computer simulation and psychoenergetics. He is also the founding director of the Academy of Parapsychology & Medicine and IONS, and worked for nine years in the Westinghouse Research Laboratory with theoretical and experimental investigation into the detailed physics of a wide range of processes. You can read more about him and his publications on his website.

Here we learned of experiments... imbuing conscious intent into a simple electronic device, and when the target is exposed to it there is significant and measurable response; From his experiments it's clear that something has to be moving faster than the speed of light; Deltrons, the coupler or bridge, D-Space, R-Space, and much more to come.

His newest book is "Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution," others include "Some Science Adventures with Real Magic," "Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics," and "Science & Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality & Consciousness." Special autographed copies are available, and proceeds from books ordered directly from them at 888-281-5170 go towards laboratory research and support! Also available are DVDs of talks speaking about consciousness, matter, and the Big bang.

"Most people think that the matter is empty, but for internal self consistency of quantum mechanics and relativity theory, there is required to be the equivalent of 10 to 94 grams of mass energy, each gram being E=MC2 kind of energy. Now, that's a huge number, but what does it mean practically? Practically, if I can assume that the universe is flat, and more and more astronomical data is showing that it's pretty darn flat, if I can assume that, then if I take the volume or take the vacuum within a single hydrogen atom, that's about 10 to the minus 23 cubic centimeters. If I take that amount of vacuum and I take the latent energy in that, there is a trillion times more energy there than in all of the mass of all of the stars and all of the planets out to 20 billion light-years. That's big, that's big. And if consciousness allows you to control even a small fraction of that, creating a big bang is no problem."

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July 26th, 2007
"Conscious Acts of Creation"
Quantum mechanics is placed entirely in space time relying upon measurable distance, it has no capacity to include consciousness. William is building a reliable scientific bridge of understanding including consciousness so people can cross that bridge and know how our intent produces action in the physical realm. His experiments are quite extraordinary --think of nature radiating on many electromagnetic bands and classical science has done a good job of understanding the bottom rung. His work reveals a second unique level of physical reality, not molecular but of magnetic information waves, faster than light; Intention (mind) acts upon this magnetic information level, not the electric atom molecule level; the brain is an output transducer. He defines consciousness as a byproduct of spirit entering dense matter, it manipulates information and creates order in the physical realm "really a remarkable thing of nature... humans have a built in system that can do the same things we did with our devices in the laboratory." In fact he has plans to build a feedback device that will indicate how well you are doing as you practice your own intention! "With practice a normal individual can convert themselves to and adept, an adept can covert themselves to a master, and a master can ultimately convert themselves to an avatar. The capability is there for all humans."

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