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~~~ Tim Ventura ~~~
"Antigravity, a technology that wants to be born"
Tim Ventura, with over a decade of experience researching Antigravity, has compiled data on leading experimental methods on his website In addition to his own research, Tim created an online forum for AG and alternative-science materials from inventors and researchers all over the world, including photos, video, and experimental results. If the subject intrigues you, this website will delight you!

"The goal of American Antigravity hasn't been simply science, its also a method for providing a voice online to independent experimenters without the resources to maintain their own materials. Despite the Seattle area's heavy concentration of technology jobs, it appears to be a semi-hostile environment to new and innovative ideas."

Tim was a guest at a talk given by Nick Cook author of "The hunt for Zero Point", at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, and writes ... "I found that the RSE environment this summer was much more open to taking an honest look at things that "don't fit the status quo", and more able to cope with and accept new information, even if it means rethinking our ideas about the universe. In short, Seattle's a bit of a lonely place for new tech, unless you work with computers. My visit to RSE was really a fun experience, and I hope that by sharing knowledge between our two communities we can further the learning and growth of everyone involved!" Indeed!

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October 28th, 2008
"Times Are Really Changing"
Especially for our "anti-gravity" man who began wondering about his work on AAG. Even though it was staying ahead of the trends perhaps it was rooted in times that were passed by. Looking back 100 years ago to the irrational exuberance of 1890's similar to the 1990's, the dot com boom, this last decade haunted by threat of terrorism, he speculates on his world view in this emerging century. Feeling in a rut, he kind of lost his "lift" and let his work on AAG have a rest, then came major soul searching re-evaluating his life, divorce, alcohol addiction, and numbing the pain. "Spiritually speaking my life was in a shambles." He spent time in B.C. and immersed himself in many cultures and Buddhist temples, finding a wonderful sharing, acceptance, and tolerance in the multiculturalism developing, a very good thing! "I think mankind is looking to being the steward of the Earth now." Currently he writes for Humanity Plus Magazine dealing with really big important issues in the human experience, it's free and the first issue is available online "everyone should read this. The biggest question is what does it mean to be human... what is common that crosses race, religion, culture in human beings?"

Find H+Magazine Here
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June 6th, 2005
Tim is at it again, now he is building a pyramid lifter!  Lifters defy convention, there is magic there as with the Biefeld Brown effect ...things that change time and space!  Updates on Nick Cook, Einstein's contemplations on warp drives, tech visions: so short term engineers are not allowed to create, only to improve on current technology.  The "55 year interval" and the boredom factor.  "We are looking at the end of the oil era."
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March 15th, 2005
American Antigravity now a non-profit:  This will help get resources to inventors and results to the public!  People are the real key...genius is in every person.  Nick Cook interviewed Tim and filmed his lifters, sparks were flying!  The Philadelphia Experiment, Nazi Bell Device, mercury vapors, superconductors, magnetic flux trapping, Podkletnov, ripples in space time, a canon ball rolling up the wall, and AG research could lead to Warp Drive!
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December 6th, 2004
For Tim, pursuing antigravity became like the search for the Holy Grail!  "I was seeing effects that just shouldn't happen..." he says, as he introduces us to the AG world of lifters, rotating superconductors, Nick Cook and secret projects, the Philadelphia experiment and the Hutchison effect, the magnetic fields of SEG's (what he calls real antigravity), and the magnitude of exciting potentials just waiting to be discovered.

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