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~~~ Sally Errey, R.N.C.P. ~~~

Sally Errey, RNCP(Registered Nutritional Consultant, Practitioner) is an acclaimed international speaker on optimum health and longevity through healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. She is author of the best-seller "Staying Alive! Cookbook for Cancer Free Living." Her 20 years of experience, combined with her love of food is reflected in her being a nutrition expert. Sally is a monthly contributor to national health magazines and has frequent international television, radio, and health conference appearances.

Her company, Simple Nutrition Solutions, provides consulting services for those seeking to manage and prevent illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Currently, Sally's seminar clients include the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, various Corporate and Government agencies, and medical faculties at major universities. Drawing on her experience of the body's immense capacity to heal, she brings vitality, a sense of adventure and humour to the field of nutrition. Sally also provides services at the Centre for Integrated Healing, a Canadian national model for providing complementary care and alternative options for those living with cancer. Her lectures, weekly cooking classes and consultations have helped transform many lives.   Ph: 1 (604) 734-7125 ext 234

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May 8th, 2006
"Empowerment: Strategies to Start Feeling Good"
Understandably, people get uptight about food, "With all I know it's a wonder that I eat at all!"  Become conscious consumers, read labels, if you can't pronounce it...  Invisible ingredients; buy organic to reduce toxicity and get the most nutrients; surprisingly, US grown ranks highest on toxic study list; shocking facts about 'Splenda' and milk.  'Bio-accumulation', not always great to be the top of the food chain.  "Put the highest grade fuel into your body, when you start living it, it becomes powerful!" ...and don't forget we are creating our reality.
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March 10th, 2006
"Recipes of Intent for Body/Mind/Spirit"
A car accident leads Sally to Ramtha's school where she learns to put her principles into practice and how to really use intent:  She focused on "Best Seller" and her "Staying Alive" cook book is that.  Scientific research, yummy and easy recipes (if it takes many pots and too much clean-up it's out) everything from attitude to making your kitchen a fun space.  Also, obesity in children, microwave research in Spain, McDonald's in Samoa, bioflavinoids explained, eating color, stress, and a man with rare cancer sent home to die who decided NO!  "My message is not new, it's forgotten."

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