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The Great School of the Mind

Ramtha teachings - Wednesday at 12:noon PT
Also daily, at 9am, 4pm, 8pm, Midnight Pacific time... (For all time zones)
The teachings aired are from actual Events at RSE.   Because of their length some teachings (on Wednesdays and in the daily rotation) may be aired in part over two or three weeks.  (Other Special Programs are also aired on Wednesdays)

Monthly Live Programs with Ramtha's appointed teachers:
Speaking on the subjects taught at RSE, Answering your Questions, delighting us with knowledge and their being.
Greg Simmons   Mike Wright   Dr. Karriem Ali   Dr. Miceal Ledwith

Check  "Coming Next" as their schedules may change.  Others on staff join us periodically.

Also many students of RSE... whose search, stories, and wisdom gained, may inspire you because they are your stories.

We are grateful for the privilege of bringing to you so much of the knowledge that has enhanced our lives.  Nowhere else have we found the answers to all our questions including "how can 'I' DO it, become extraordinary?"  Through years of searching for understanding, in many places we found bits of knowledge - now we have found a real school, a Master teacher with knowledge, and understanding of who and what we are... that has no gaps, no 'missing pieces' and more ... He teaches us the way to apply, create, become.   If you are searching for more, through this program you now have part of what we are receiving and a place to ask those questions.   Nancy and Elena
Archived Ramtha teaching.

(Listen Free) Ramtha Teaching: "How to Change Your Life"

We aired and archived these teaching with the permission of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE)
Please remember and honor that all RSE material is Copyright ® 2007 JZ Knight  All rights reserved.

To purchase these and other teachings go to: RSE Book & media orders
or call Products & Services 800-347-0439 or 360-458-4771

"Introductions to a Beginning Retreat" taped in June 2003.

The teachings introduced here are still what you will learn at a Beginning Retreat, the difference is that the Retreats have evolved and are now greatly advanced.   One of the fabulous differences is that JZ Knight is teaching very complete and advanced concepts, and she does it in a delightful manner that totally enchants as it expands our mind.   Yet the knowledge contained in these short Introductions is fundamental and valuable, so we keep them here for you.  (Dr. Joe Dispenza, who you will hear in the introductions, is not currently on staff, and more teachers were appointed after that 2003 Retreat)

All RSE material is Copyright ® 2005 JZ Knight  All rights reserved.

Ramtha the Enlightened One has been a key player in the creation of the ancient mystery schools from time immemorial.  He learned the secret of immortality long ago through the simple observation of nature and his own mind and became an ascended master.

All his teachings are impeccably transcribed

Greg Simmons speaks about the books: "A Master's Reflection on the History of Humanity" and brings us more extraordinary information about Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

January 3, 2002 - 52 mins - Free Listen on Line!

Excerpts from The White Book are here.   The Fireside Series Collection Library, little gems from Ramtha, averaging about 100 pages, with an Introduction by JZ Knight, Diagrams, and Glossary, are available at

Here is an excerpt from "Who Are We Really?"     of the Fireside Series:

"Why would you want to deny that you possibly could be a Spirit intransigent, that you possibly could be more than your body, that you possibly could be more than what you have worked for all your life? And why would you want to deny that? Why would you not want to even consider it? Well, to deny that God lives within you is to deny that which is termed your ability for unlimited knowingness, your ability for unlimited love, your ability for unlimited power, your ability to manifest what was called in elder times the kingdom of heaven."   -- Ramtha    Copyright © JZ Knight

An excerpt from the introduction by JZ Knight:   "Ramtha is a consciousness — I hesitate to say Spirit because it has such connotations attached to it, such ignorant connotations attached it — a personality who, on a level that some of you can relate to, lived here 35,000 years ago. I understand that saying 35,000 years ago, some of you went sort of like I did because you think of cavemen chewing on bones and stuff. But in effect there was a very intelligent civilization that lived here 35,000 years ago. And some of those ruins are being discovered on the plain of Miceal and some stones that they have been digging up in the Sumerian Valley that attest to this civilization."  Read in full Greetings from JZ Knight
Learn what it is to Create Your Day - and see it unfold! "Indeed, I have been asked to teach to you what it means to create your day. It seems that that one little teaching has become the rage. Well, it should be. It should have always been the rage. Waking up every single morning is a gift, don't you know? Life is a gift. Create your day, what does that mean? And who is creating it? Did it ever occur to you that oftentimes you give permission for life to do to you what you complain about or are overjoyed with at the end of the day? Creating, well, creating is a privilege. It goes along with being a divine person. Divinity gets to create and that is why you want to know how to do it, because you are a divine entity."  -Ramtha  from the DVD Create Your DaySM

"The voice of God is that which is termed our Holy Spirit that knows
no other way than to be all life, not just part of life." -Ramtha

All RSE material is Copyright ® 2005 JZ Knight  All rights reserved.

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