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~~~ Ravinder Taylor ~~~
"The search for the quintessential self in each of us and all of us--the greater collective if you will."
Ravinder Taylor is a radio personality, publicist and literary agent. She earned her degree in microbiology from Aberystyth University in Wales. After working in a path lab, she decided to change careers. She took a position with the Department of Trade and Industries while she studied hypnosis and psychotherapy at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in London, England. Indeed, she met her husband, Eldon Taylor, while he was lecturing on behalf of the National College at Imperial University.

Ravinder was born in New Delhi, moved to the United Kingdom just before she turned two and became a proud US citizen in 2003 after living in the United States for 14 years. Ravinder and Eldon have two children, both boys, and reside in the country in Washington State. In addition to being a devoted mother, she is an accomplished professional woman whose career as Publicist and Agent dovetails well with her position as the Secretary Treasurer of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc., since Progressive Awareness publishes self-improvement material and that's what she specializes in.

Ravinder also acts as one of Eldon Taylor's editors in addition to being his agent. Indeed, Eldon gives Ravinder credit for making him a New York Times bestselling author. If that's not enough, Ravinder is also an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry and has been since earning her second bachelors degree from the University of Metaphysics where she is currently a student working on her Masters program. She has also authored or co-authored several audio programs with Eldon and she often co-hosts the popular radio show, Provocative Enlightenment.
The radio show's Chat Room she hosts is an opportunity to chat with her while you listen to great shows.

NOTE: Until her program airs & is uploaded, listen to her on the latest programs with Eldon Taylor

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April 18th, 2011
"The Pursuit of Becoming"
This wonderful conversation starts out about the weather, but not in the usual weather cliche way. We want things to stay the same, yet we face huge events all over the world. Best to be centered - what does that mean? "It's an opportunity for the world to decide who we want to be." Since reading What If? we see thought experiments all over the place. Every time we have a century change it's "The End of the World" but here we are... do we create a '2012' each time? Maybe we can get it right this time. The TV and movies we have watched over the years plant drama in our brain, it's time for us to take responsibility for what we do, quantum physics shows that our thoughts create reality. We have allowed divisions between people, as if we were cells of a world brain drowning in separateness. We let E.T. talk a little bit, he poses thought experiments for Ravinder, a cool conversation and we all eavesdropped! It comes down to the spirit of individuals and why we are here. That brings us to the different views people have of spirituality. The joy of life is planning for the future, people forget the gift we have, life and discovery!

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