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"And we are on a path that we have chosen simply by common thought.
Our common thought has chosen our destiny." -Ramtha

~~~ Linda Evans and Greg Simmons ~~~
Listen as they tell us about this fascinating teaching
A Metaphysical System of Thought, Ramtha’s system is unique and comprehensive. It provides a world-view, an approach to reality that removes the mystery of many questions that have enraptured great philosophers and thinkers through the ages.   Linda and Greg painted a vivid picture of their search and the uniqueness and beauty of Ramtha's school.

Listen to their August 2nd, 2001 interviews
August 2, 2001 hr-1 Listen!   "Linda Evans on her worl dwide search for truth, ultimately finding it with Ramtha"

August 2, 2001 hr-2 Listen!   "Greg Simmons describes his experience with RSE and gives a profile of Ramtha for those who have never heard of him"
"You are creating your life right
this moment by how you think."

Mission Statement
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment is a school founded by and based on Ramtha and his teachings, which
are dedicated to the study, development, and practical application of the divine, transcendental,
quality inherent in every person regardless of gender, creed, social status, or color of skin.

"So we have consciousness and energy and a brain, and the resulting pattern is called mind.
And mind is as vast as it perceives itself to be or as small as it perceives itself to be.
If the mind gets so lofty that it feels alienated by the crippled reality around it, it will not
operate here anymore; it will be beyond it. And that is what Christ was all about."   ---- Ramtha
Copyright © JZ Knight All rights reserved

Ramtha, teaching
through JZ Knight

A note from Nancy & Elena:

We will be attending a weekend workshop and a nine-day retreat - this school just sounded too good to pass up. On the 9/20 and 10/4 programs we will tell you what we learned - about our world, our possibilities, and ourselves.

(8/28/01 update) What we experienced at the workshop is awesome! and that was only a hint of what is to come - as the retreat will be only the beginning. What Linda and Greg said is powerful, and verifiable. So, listen to us describe our journey, or join us at the retreat! We are creating this reality, so can you!

The "eye puzzles" are a superficial example of how we see,
clever little reminders that we can choose how and what we see.

Do you see a
face, a small
jet, or a king?

Are there 6 or 7 full boxes?

It is an exciting and wonderful thing to see how our brain and mind works --- Montaigne said, "An unexamined life is not worth living." We are so fortunate to have so many paths from which to choose.   So many ways for us to expand our horizons, dissipate boundaries, and create a life full of wonder and joy.
Nancy & Elena

"You may have all the knowledge there is, but it is really
nothing until you have felt it, lived it, experienced it."   ~~ Ramtha

"The source gives to you that which you expect
you are worth and only that much."   ----Ramtha

Copyright © JZ Knight All rights reserved
Here you will find out about RSE and the schedule of Events.

(NOTE: This part was added May 2003)      The Journey...up 'til Now

A Note before Beginning
Aug. 2001 ~ Journey to Ramtha
Jan. 2003 ~ Journey Continues

Listen to the entire archived audio from our Journey to Ramtha, including an Evening with Ramtha excerpt! Links to the audio are on each of the Journey Pages.   There are now many interviews with the appointed teachers at RSE and some of its students.  For information on Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, browse:

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