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~~~ "Loose Change" 2nd Edition ~~~
The young men who researched and produced this chilling documentary on 9/11

Dylan Avery - Founder, Owner, Director, is a 22 year old originally from New York State. While researching a piece he was writing he stumbled upon the deceptions and cover-ups surrounding the events of September 11th and Loose Change Second Edition is the result. His passion for film and his ability to blend sound, music and digital imagery seamlessly into an eighty-minute tour-de-force has had an undeniable effect on millions of viewers and has spawned a nascent activist movement around the globe.

Korey Rowe - Owner, Producer, is a combat veteran of both the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns in the so-called War On Terror. Returning to civilian life, Korey discovered the hidden story behind the impetus to war and the disturbing truths about what really happened on September 11th, 2001. He has since then devoted all of his energies into helping his childhood friend Dylan Avery promote and distribute Loose Change Second Edition and is currently working on a follow up project.

Jason Bermas - Webmaster, Graphic Designer, was a full-time graphic designer when he learned about the truth behind 911. Not long after being introduced to filmmakers Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe, he began to devote his life and talents to helping them spread the word through the website, the information in it is widely available to the public.   View: "Loose Change 2nd Edition"

"Take nothing we say at face value. We highly encourage you to research this information yourselves and come to your own conclusions. We have done nothing extraordinary in terms of research. We also do not take credit for the hard work of those researchers."
"This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government. Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day."  ~~the Filmakers
As long as our government is administered for the good of the people,
and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights
of persons and of property, liberty of conscience and of the press,
it will be worth defending.      Andrew Jackson

[Ed] There are many websites with varied opninons, these are but a few

Official Report on 9/11   "The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States"

Zeitgeist the Movie [link sent by Fred R., a Listener] A long film with several parts. Regarding:
Religion, 911, Your Money, Your Freedom.

Screw Loose Change Video: [quoting the website:] "This is a counter-video of the famous "Loose Change 2nd Edition". Using their own video and words, "Screw Loose Change" debunks the theories and statements made in Loose Change 2nd Edition. The Sources/Link [on the website] will lead you to sources that back up the Screw Loose Change video claims and counters a few other theories on 9/11. Web site and all contents © Copyright Mark Iradian 2005, All rights reserved."

Kleiner's Korner's  Special Edition/May 28th   about Loose Change & news re the May 26th letter to Dylan Avery, titled   "9/11 Film Footage - Copyright and Trademark Infringement (13115-200)"

O'Donnell, Sheen Back 9/11 Conspiracy Theories. Stars Cite Movie As Evidence Of Government Conspiracy - Andrew Kirtzman Reporting   (CBS) NEW YORK A controversial new film about 9/11 is raising eyebrows, not only for its content, but also for the people involved in the project: Rosie O'Donnell and Charlie Sheen.

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May 24th, 2006
"Beyond Loose Change - or - "We the 'Sheeple'"
~ Jason Bermas ~
Incredibly, the questions do go beyond even 9/11 itself as Jason weaves a pattern of them from 1962 forward with McNamara and the Cuban plan 'Operation Northwoods.' "From JFK to LBJ, Viet Nam, the Federal Reserve, Reagan, Clinton, the Bush family, and other incidents leading up to 9/11, we have questions. We are encouraging people to take a look, that's all we are asking is please take a look." says Jason, this is an information war, we have to keep this peaceful... [in spite of attempts to discredit us] we have to be very careful about this, we have to make it so the establishment has to sit up and take notice." these are the links Jason mentions: Scholars for 9/11 Truth and
information about Operation Northwoods and Robert Strange McNamara

~ Korey Rowe ~
A short talk with Korey who, upon finishing his tour in the army rushed to help his best friend Dylan with "2nd Edition". Visited by a recruiter at age 18 Korey joined the army; he describes the environment in Iraq. To him and his fellow soldiers, 9/11 was what the government told them it was; in Baghdad at 'Medial City' guarding the hospital, he saw a lot of the damage happening to innocent people, body after body coming in, men women and children with no involvement in the war, not people, just what the military calls "collateral damage." "That was really the point where it started sinking in that this might not be for the best."
Please feel free to download these MP3 interviews!

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Download MP3 Interview
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May 17th, 2006
"Loose Change"
~ Dylan Avery & Jason Bermas ~
How did this documentary come about? "It was an accident and it's all public information I'm not doing anything special" says Dylan, "Originally I didn't want to believe it." Who would? How could this be true with so many involved? What's up with Judicial Watch; high school classes refusing to see government version films. Then Jason --who was also researching 9/11 joined the team... has this affected his life? Greatly "I always thought the government had the people's best interest at heart, yet all this information is so accessible... we are three very busy young guys!" Their goal now is there being 1000's at 'ground zero' this year wearing "Investigate 9/11" t-shirts (the artwork will be on their website so you can make your own) and carrying signs in a peaceful demonstration, an attempt to have a real investigation take place of what appears to be one of the most despicable events in our recent history.
Please feel free to download this MP3 interview!

Download MP3 Interview

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