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~~~ Kenny Thompson ~~~
"Master of the Cards"

Seeing the Furure - RSE Student Kenny "Master of the Cards" is a phenomenal example of what pursuing a dream and applying The Great Work leads to.

Kenny set out to discover if all he had been taught by Ramtha was true. In less than a year, Kenny mastered the disciplines and developed abilities inherent in every one of us. Deciding to forego his usual patterns and life habits, he found a wonderful peace in his focus, and the realization that when we change, our lives dramatically and effortlessly change also.

He is able not only to see through playing cards, he has progressed to much, much more! The same disciplines develop precognitive abilities, which he is expanding. His excitement and enthusiasm is a delight to see, and a great inspiration for everyone, because in school ir not, everyone can do this!

You can order the book Kenny mentions, "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More" through the BTO Library. Happy Focusing!

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July 21st, 2008
"The Ever Present Moment"
Back to inspire us, and indeed he does! It's time to do some cool things, like teach 3-6 year olds at CSE how to move objects with their minds, what a hoot! And perhaps we are reaching the tipping point as a lot of students at RSE are now having success seeing the cards accurately. Kenny did a demonstration at Evergreen State Collage in Olympia, WA, where he called the first 17 cards of the deck perfectly at which point they stopped him to calculate the probability of this. Turns out that it would take 6 billion people 1 million years to guess 17 cards, obviously it's a lot quicker to *know* what the cards are with your midbrain! He is still moving chips with his mind and made a new video for students at RSE. An in-studio audience question brings Kenny to explain his daily routine of disciplines, and the things that have changed in his body, emotions, and not being distracted by discipline side effects. He gives a great explanation on the difference between positive thinking and what he is accomplishing with his mind using the example of a magnet and "the ever present moment...that's why the disciplines taught at RSE are so vastly important." Our tendency is to give up and swing back to being comfortable. "For real control of something you have to be out of control ...through the disciplines it's way beyond positive thinking." How he creates his day, and what is meant by "my God"? We end with a message from Kenny for you.
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June 5th, 2008
"How Did You Know?"
That's the title of Kenny's e-book which came from a fabulous experience in Las Vegas, so cool he could hardly contain himself! The e-book is available at, designed by his son, go soon as that site will not be up much longer. Kenny is thrilled by the fact that several more RSE students are attaining consistency, even under pressure, at seeing the playing cards. It is further proof of what Ramtha tells us, and what Kenny verified with himself... that anyone can do this. Since then his passion has been roulette and beyond! He has begun to make the roulette ball go where he wants, and move things with his mind. "Everybody is set up to be the God of their life and create reality, the belief that only special people can do this is a lot of hooey." Kenny explains how he knows, how he distinguishes the future from other "noise" in the mind, and how this present future mind he has developed has expanded his life in every moment of his day. "The way Ramtha talks has become truth, now it's my common thought, being present and seeing reality, life takes on a very different tone." Expanding levels of acceptance, and what about fear? He shares more about his long dark time of fire, a pretty awful time, back when he started and made the decision to do the work. "There's always something happening, the God within you always wants to be with you, it's like your best friend."
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October 27th, 2004
"It Really Works!"
Master of the Cards at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment earned this title by fully applying what he had learned.   He developed areas of his brain allowing him to see through playing cards as in the story of "Henry Sugar"!   He describes his experience in learning how to focus and discovers that the teachings are actually true, it really works!   This completely changed his life.   All of us can do this and so much more, "'s the difference between knowing and thinking".

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