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~~~ Journey to Ramtha~~~

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) Visits Sedona and Nancy & Elena go to Yelm

July 2001... Pavel Mikoloski, of Amanti Communications, and a student of RSE, found our website and wrote.   He was announcing introductory evenings with Linda Evans discussing her journey to Ramtha.  This led to the interviews with Linda Evans and Greg Simmons (which we prerecorded) and completely changed our lives.

The Beginning Retreat was to be in September, however the next opportunity to experience the school was a weekend event in Sedona, Arizona in August.  Soooo, we drove from Monterey, CA to Sedona in about 13 hours.

August 2001 -Our first experience was an unforgettable Friday evening with Ramtha.

Dr. Miceal Ledwith Ramtha's core of appointed teachers, who have had many years of training with him, present an immensely impressive body of knowledge in a short day and a half.   Here, Dr. Miceal Ledwith speaks on how religion's view of God has actually separated us from God.

Since our journey to Ramtha, Dr Ledwith has been a guest on our program.   Enjoy our fascinating talks with him here!

Sedona:  We arrived with our remote equipment and with the permission of JZK, Inc. interviewed students of RSE during the breaks.   People attending ranged through all ages, races, and religions.   For some it was their first time to see Ramtha and others had been with him since before the school in Yelm was established.   Each person's story told of a different path that brought him or her to Ramtha.

The things we learned were so awesome that when the weekend ended we felt the van was floating above the freeway all the way home to Monterey!

The Journey...up 'til Now
A Note before Beginning

The Linda Evans and Greg Simmons page.
Listen online to their Aug. 2, 2001 talks here
Linda Evans - 52 min.    Greg Simmons - 59 min.

Aug. 2001:   (this page, click or scroll down)
First, the Sedona Weekend, then on to
A Beginning Retreat and
A Live Remote from Yelm!
and back to our KNRY studio
in Monterey to try to tell you about it :-)

The Journey Continues 2002, 2004, 2006...

Discover RSE on BTO Radio.

One of the spectacular views seen from the airport overlooking Sedona residential area.

The tourist section of Sedona was appealing at first, the architecture blends well, then after a while it all seems out of place as you see more and more of the natural terrain.   The outcroppings of red rock sculptures that burst up from the Earth "move" during the changing light of day.   Man's best architecture can never compete with nature.

As we drove into the outskirts we kept hearing a strange loud sound each time we came near the creek.   By the time we drove into the RV camp the noise was deafening; no one seemed to notice.   We found out it was Cicadas, or locust, that filled the trees.
One of the stages of life for Cicadas is to just up and leave their bug body almost in mid stride and emerge as a flying creature much like the butterfly does.

Let's address this issue of Channeling...
Yes, Ramtha is an entity that channels through JZ Knight.   This is a difficult concept for many people to accept.   Some we interviewed told us of their initial skepticism yet they read Ramtha's "White Book" and the knowledge therein was so compelling that it allowed them to go beyond prejudice.

We had already learned not to throw out truth regardless of its source from "The Course in Miracles" so we tabled the channeling aspect of Ramtha until we could investigate it further.   We remind our listeners often, that all of us need to have an open mind, meaning neither accepting nor rejecting something as truth until we experience it for ourselves in it's entirety.   In order to do this regarding Ramtha's School of Enlightenment we traveled to Sedona and then to Yelm.   During these trips we saw Ramtha several times.   We have seen a lot throughout the years, but we have never seen anything like this!   This is no act.   The truth that pours from this entity like a great fountain makes the novelty of whether it is channeled or not quickly pale in comparison.   That, combined with the experience of the knowledge while attending his school in Yelm, left us accepting this as reality.   The documented scientific scrutiny of Ramtha's channeling that went on for over a year is, for us, just scientific proof of what we are experiencing.   Ramtha's school is truly a School of Enlightenment.

It was not long ago both of us (Nancy & Elena) just could not believe in channeled entities...and up till this point we were quite right, we just had not met the real thing yet.

So be it!

Listen right here to student's experiences with Ramtha.
This program aired September 20th, 2001:

(Jim, Michelle, Brian, Charles, and Steve)

(Gordon, Doug, Roberta, Lynette, and Mike)

Ok, we are convinced! We heard and experienced so many compelling and awesome things in Sedona that we have to find out more! We are off to Ramtha's School of Enlightenment in Yelm!

(Where is Yelm you ask? About one hour south of Seattle. In the foothills of Mount Rainier.)

On the road again...!!!

Blown tire on I5, we star-gazed for two hours until AAA arrived to save the day.

The beauty of lake Shasta.

Snow capped Mt. Shasta.
An overnight rest in an RV camp by a river and a bit of rain dotting the windshield.

Inside "She-Van." The rain stopped and a beautiful sunset just beginning.

We were greeted by more friendly locals at a campground in Salem, Oregon. This was the "morning shift".
In Yelm, this beautiful flowering fruit tree offered fragrant shade, while we delighted at the sight of Mt. Rainier

On September 27th, we did our most exciting broadcast ever! Not only were we doing our first live remote to our KNRY studio in Monterey but we were given unprecedented permission to broadcast excerpts of an evening with Ramtha from our Beginners Retreat. Plus we had a line of people attending RSE with us who were happy to tell their own stories.

LIVE REMOTE from YELM! September 27th, 2001
When we left the School and turned onto the highway towards home it was very much like the last scene in "Godspell" where the students walk around the corner of a building and are suddenly amidst hoards of pedestrians on a New York block. Greg Simmons had told us just before we left that now the real retreat begins as we go back into our regular lives… We had been given the basic knowledge of how to create new neuro-nets in our brain, how to use an ancient breath technique, be psychic, see without eyes, how to focus on a dream and create personal reality, and most of all we learned that "God" is a lot closer than we thought.

Ramtha stresses that what he teaches is not truth, it's only philosophy.   When YOU experience it, that's when it becomes truth!   Ramtha's School of Enlightenment is an extraordinary environment designed to allow you to experience and practice everything you learn.

And in this exciting, light-hearted environment, the common man, woman, or child learns that they have the innate power to create their reality. They discover that what is thought of as miraculous, should be our natural state. The mind-over-matter techniques taught for manifestation, healing, and psychic knowing have been studied by scientists and found to be one-of-a-kind. These disciplines are taught with a basis in science, a unique blend of quantum physics, biology, psychology, and neurotheology, and are communicated in simple terms for all to understand.

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment is a rigorous school of ancient wisdom and personal evolution. People from all over the world have come for the opportunity to experience and know for themselves through a variety of disciplines and training, the truth this ancient Master teaches.

This school is certainly not for everyone, But for those of us who have that relentless need to understand our purpose here, and so much just want to know and see what reality is - Ramtha and his school are a beautiful gift.

Ramtha says there is no school like this anywhere else on the Earth. We certainly would agree and challenge anyone to prove otherwise.
We also discovered how we age, why, and how to stop it.   It's all in the "Molecules of Emotion".   Like Dr. Jeykll who conducted experiments on himself by taking drugs of his own making and becoming Mr. Hyde, so do we do the same, only our drugs are emotions.
We learned that Attitude is Everything!

We had quite an amazing and magical trip back from Washington. We finally reached our beautiful Monterey Bay area after a very long drive. The cool fog and salty air welcomed us home as usual.

Nancy & Elena back home share their experiences at
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Aired October 4th, 2001:

The Journey...up 'til now
A Note before Beginning
Our first interview with
Linda Evans & Greg Simmons

The Journey Continues 2002, 2004, 2006... .

Discover RSE on BTO Radio.

O my beloved God,
I am alive,
I am awakening,
I am aware,
and I am becoming.
Of this I celebrate
for nevermore
shall I live a life
and nevermore
shall I live a life
that in the light of all eternity,
I am ashamed.
O my beloved God,
I celebrate my courage
of my choice.
Long live my life,
blessed be my days.
From the Lord God of my being,
so be it.
To Life!

          ~~~ Ramtha
(Certain copyrighted portions are printed here with the permission of JZK, Inc.)

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