2000 - 2002 Broadcasting from KNRY on Historic Cannery Row in Monterey, California
on our original Radio Program ...
"Where the Eagle Meets the Condor"

~~~ Amazon John Easterling ~~~

"Amazon" John Easterling, Founder of the Amazon Herb Company (photo is John on left with Manager Miguel)
The Amazon Herb Company's wonderful formulas are the best we have found - after years of research and trying almost everything else in the Health Food stores... So we are delighted to have "Amazon John" on the program.

Our listeners had the opportunity to hear about John and his company; the exclusive and fantastic formulas; his treasure hunting days and about his discovery of the real treasure of the Amazon. John speaks of how the Rainforest botanicals easily and naturally enable us to attain a 'New Level of Life Experience' a wonderful feeling of optimum health, heightened energy and vitality (most of us are sitting ducks on the borderline of health) ecological consciousness, Making a real difference in the Rainforest --for the Land and its People. He also spoke briefly about Money - our attitudes and on how we limit ourselves by unknowingly choosing "Poverty Consciousness" instead of "Prosperity Consciousness."


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November 30th, 2000 - (56 mins) - Listen on Line!
June 8th, 2000 - (48 mins) - Listen on Line!
(the November 2nd, 2000 program is being recovered)

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