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~~~ Jaime Leal-Anaya ~~~
For our Spanish speaking Listeners!
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Jaime Leal-Anaya, author and editor, was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.  He was offered a scholarship at the University of Maynooth in Ireland, where he completed a diploma in philosophy and a bachelor's degree in theology, and the postgraduate Master’s Degree in Divinity, S.T.L. (Sacrae  Theologiae Licentiatus), and won first place for his research work at the University of Salamanca, Spain, on the Spanish Mystics of the Renaissance.

In his master's dissertation, he proposed an evolutionary, transformative understanding of religious belief, God, and the divine, rather than insisting on a stark separation between humanity and God's transcendence, based on his research on Spanish mysticism during the Renaissance,  specifically through the works of Fray Luis de Leon, Theresa of Avila, and Juan de la Cruz.   Upon completion of his studies in Ireland, he continued his education in , the closest school of thought to the supernatural experiences claimed by the Spanish mystics of the Renaissance.

Jaime worked as the literary editor of JZK Publishing, the official publishing house of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment for more than 10 years, and is part of the team of appointed teachers and instructors of RSE since 2009.  His editorial work on Ramtha's teachings include more than two dozen books of Ramtha in the original English language of the teachings, a Glossary of concepts and terms, as well as various commentaries that indicate the significance of Ramtha's thought in the light of the major philosophical trends of the world and those quintessential questions that have remained unanswered throughout the ages. Books are available at  JZK Publishing

He represented Ramtha's School of Enlightenment at the 2001 annual conference of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, associated with the American Anthropological Association. Renowned psychologist Stanley Krippner, one of the scientists who studied the phenomenon of channeling through JZ Knight during 1996-1997, also made a presentation of his findings at that conference.

Click here for Jaime Leal-Anaya's first book! October 2011:  Jaime's first book - Knowledge from the past taking us forward!
"The Secret of the Spanish Mystics and the Creative Power of the Word" (Now available in print in English) is based on his work as a theologian and the research work done in Salamanca, Spain on the Spanish Mystics of the Renaissance. Jaime shows that what they really knew was much more than what people know, but it is written in code because of the deadly threat from the Inquisition at the time. These mystics knew that the work of becoming a Christ was not something sentimental or superficial but an actual transformation where the power of creation comes alive in the person with the mystery of the word. Do not miss this interview where Jaime shares with us what he learned from this work and how it paved the way perfectly for what he was to study and learn from Ramtha at his School of Enlightenment and Ancient Wisdom. Listen to Jaime's October 13, 2011 program where he speaks about these subjects and more.

NEW in 2013!!!    Hun Nal Ye Publishing!
"NORTH STAR RAM" A new Collection of Ramtha Books in English & Español

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Español libro

Hun Nal Ye Publishing Magazine is finally here!  March 2013
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In this first edition of Hun Nal Ye Publishing's Magazine, we would like to share with you a bit of
good news, as well as some thoughts of contemplation about some recent news of special interest
to all of us learning and working on awakening the extraordinary potential locked within our beings.

Hun Nal Ye Publishing

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April 25th, 2013
JaimaLeal-Anya & Karriem Ali

"The Physician and the Ex-Priest"

When minds collide for over 5 hours they end up on BTO! So we have Jaime and Karriem here to share their wonderful conversations with you. With a twist they share their ideas on religion, spirituality, ancient wisdom, science, and medicine. It's fun and with a light heart and they have a lot in common. The funny part is that Jaime wasn't a priest and Karriem wasn't a physician! They weren't?? ...Just settle in, pour a glass of wine and listen. Turns out that religion and medicine have the same dogma. The ancient wisdom that Ramtha explains about God is in you and God is your observer. The prime experimenter and experiencer of reality. Nature is a great teacher when you have a mind that is equal to nature. The similarities of doctors and priests, and the concept of the central dogma of molecular biology about DNA. Social hierarchy and accepting someone's point of view. An important moment in the trial of Jesus and what is the truth? Dogma becomes personal truth and closed minded. The things we accept as truth when we really don't know. There are a lot of assumptions and very little experience. Spirituality is really being aware. Ramtha's teaching in the field of 2003. We invite our beautiful audience to share with us your thoughts and questions blooming our there, and let us know if you want more of these special conversations.
Here is the video they spoke of: RSA Animate - The Divided Brain from a lecture by Iain McGilchrist. Produced by Abi Stephenson, RSA.
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March 19th, 2013
"Little Father"

Excited that the Ramtha book in English comes on March 22nd, then about another important book "The Elixir of Love" the seven faces of love from the first seal to a Master. And we learn how he became the editor of Ramtha's books for JZK Publishing in 2000 which he did for over 10 years. How he made the books readable from numerous teachings, and the words come alive. Work that has brought him such joy and knowledge, a delightful story! The seven words of inspiration from the Ram which he reads from the new book, 'The Mind Gladiators of The Future'. He is now working on the 2nd book, about the subconscious mind, being masters of time, and conquering our emotions. "We have to transcend our personal tragedy and blindness by waking up." The spiral of evolution and unfolding like nature. The Masters' key of focus and manifesting. The sacred chamber, and the state of mind we need to be able to be timeless, changing timelines, and remembering the future. Ram says, "What can be done backwards in consciousness can be done forward in consciousness, you are the Gods, the creators of reality." So how can we remember the future? It's outside of what we have been, we want to change and become something new. And what Ramtha said about the mastery of the Beast.
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February 19th, 2013
"Ramtha: The Mind Gladiators of the Future"

That is the title of the Ramtha's book in Spanish and now in English, and the title Jaime gave to this collection of Ramtha's teachings in book form, is "The North Star Ram". Jaime is excited because today he sent the English version of the book to print! Today's question is really a riddle that Ramtha presents to us about manifestation, and why we don't manifest what we want. "The present has been the recycling of the past over and over and it's boring and we want something different, we want something new." So why does it seem we don't manifest what we want? Jaime talks about this and how science backs up Ramtha's teachings, Ramtha's riddle, and the key is focus to find the God you are. Have you contemplated something new recently? Our level of acceptance and it's hierarchy of what is easy and what is hard to manifest, and the effect of religion on people. And how to get rid of our little grid, all this is in Ramtha's book. The golden hour review of the day and how we get our power back, or not; where we barely make it. We have a history in our past that needs to turn into wisdom. Jaime reads some excerpts of the book. Manifesting the path to God, it's the middle path outside of polarity. It's about being the observer and creating from the Void: "No thing materially All things potentially"
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January 10th, 2013
"The Garden of Fantastic Realism"

Ramtha The Mind Gladiators Of The Future - The Unusual Story of How to Master Time, Conquer One's Self, and Reach Immortality. This is the English version of the Spanish book under 'Hun Nal Ye Publishing', created last year by Jaime, he describes the name and its beautiful meaning. What Jaime loves about 2013, "It's like open skies, an open ocean, for us to plant whatever we want to see in it and remember we choose what to create. So create a wonderful 2013! 2012 was an extraordinary year for change". Jaime gives a preview of the book and what a great time for us to understand timelines and how we create them, and what it takes to become a Master. The book will be accessible to all, it's more than a book, it is an experience. The English version will hopefully be sent to print by the end of this month. This will help us with our journey, and there will be more to come. "It is my extreme pleasure to be able to dedicate my life to this work." He talks about the Renascence and the similar era we are in now. The courage during the inquisition, the concept of immortality, the immortal gene, telomeres, it's not a myth, it is real. It's about humans waking up, and what Ramtha's teachings may be leading us to.
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July 10th, 2012
"The Book of Revelations"

Jaime continues on the Book of the Dead and the 'ominous' Book of Revelations of St. John the Divine. We have fire and brimstone, hell and heaven, the elect, the ones to be saved and the ones to be destroyed by fire, visions that have created quite an amazing culture! The rapture and all the people will be judged. When Jaime was a kid 2000 was the year for the final judgment where all this was to happen, but 2000 came and went. Now we find that many prophecies about 2012 came from the Book of Revelations. Did John the Divine really mean the final judgment in the way Christianity and Hollywood portrays it, or is it something else entirely? "We all want change and the message is changing." Jaime explores the elements of the Book of Revelations, the vision of John, number 666, what is the judgment about, seven angels seven Seals? Connections in recurring themes are explored, the Book of Life and revealing what the secret scrolls contain. We find the very interesting correlations with the seven angels and the seven seals. The greatest times for Gnostics when it was in fashion, and how Gnosticism is perceived today. Even though Christians wouldn't agree, Jaime points out how this book is about reincarnation! "We can understand that simply thanks to Ramtha." The first sentence of Genesis describes God as creator and the method for creating reality with the brain. So is it really about all these prophecies or about personal change and opening of all seven Seals? "We better hurry up and start owning those demons revealing them to ourselves, not for others, and nor to judge one another!"
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June 7th, 2012
"The Book of the Dead"

Ancient wisdom and what 2012 is about for us, we are all on this journey together. The search for answers and what a difference it makes to find Ramtha's school. The Egyptian Book of the Dead and what is the meaning of the final judgement really, that many Christians believe is the rapture? All of this superstition built on the these ancient texts, maybe the meanings of these things are very different from that. For Jaime it is fascinating to have a more complete vision from ancient history and up to today. How things may change if a Christian right is elected. The original Book of the Dead was not a book, it was in hieroglyphs, peasants could understand the pictures. This visual was later robbed from them starting with Jehovah. Weighing the heart against a feather, the judgment in the afterlife, and the tool of imagination for the spirit. The legacy of Christianity, pleasing God or burn in hell. The freedom of nature and knowing we are part of it, all of it, space and galaxies are nature, the spirit is wild and free. There is so much to share on this that there will be part 2 on the Book of Revelations next time.
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May 8th, 2012
"Our Mirrors & Synchronicity; What are They Telling Us?"

Jaime shares his profound contemplations on the journey of the Great Work and begins with the veils coming down in 2012, our words come back to us and we see its reflection. "2012 is the year of initiation where we get to eat our words!" The school is about life and living it through experience, and seeing that reflection in the mirror. That is the topic today, the mirror effect that we get everywhere we go, we can't escape ourselves. The beauty of nature and the harsh attack on her, there's always hope, there's always life. Nature has to be the best reflection we have. The cathedrals built in the middle ages mimicked nature. Synchronicities are magic when they happen, and his recent interview with a leading psychologist on synchronic events for SC magazine. What are we seeing in all these reflections and what are they saying to us? Part of the ancient wisdom of all time is that the world is illusion, why do they say that? Is there really only one electron doing everything everywhere? Who is this one electron? And other mind-set provoking subjects. Waking up to the observer, the divine quality! That is what Jaime's book is all about on "The Secret of the Spanish Mystics" who knew about the observer and could levitate and bio-locate. Now how did they do that! What is the journey of finally lifting your head up above your doom and gloom, victimization, your lack... what is the journey of waking up? Synchronicities are not from the past, they are gifts from our spirit, divine intervention that came from our future. Seeing it at the moment they occur, that is the fun adventure!
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November 29th, 2011
"Time Line Shifts and The Great Work"

Fascinating ideas, contemplations, and more we've been learning lately from Ramtha. The disciplines are our proof and how they can be applied in a myriad of ways. Experiencing the knowledge inspirers us until we become like a little child in a candy store! That's when the Great Work gets really exciting, when we self invite ourselves to be part of the magical experiences. How do we know when have shifted to another time line? The council of 12 and why Ramtha invited himself to be the 13th member-wonderful story! We are part of a large scale evolution, we are here for a reason. An example of doubt before the manifestation. You don't go head to head with your past to change it, you simply change, let the past go and be something new. More on creating your day, presence during the day, the golden hour, the mirror and the observer. Judging ourselves is being a victim, the key is the observer as it has no judgement, seeing ourselves as an outsider and the use of red wine with contemplation. His very lucid dream and heeding the warning, "the slightest observation that we apply has huge changes in our time lines." Next his most extraordinary interview with a top NASA Solar Astrophysicist in Super Consciousness magazine with his intriguing concept of the Sun's atmosphere and news on when the solar maximum is expected to peak (some may not like to hear this part) it's not in Dec 2012! Jaime says "This new knowledge changes everything and effects everyone!" Did 2012 have a time line shift? "We are going into real magic here, real extraordinary adventures!" Looking at recorded historical legends and now in our modern age of science. Last, his contemplations on the amazing potentials these things are offering us. So maybe enjoy a glass of wine while you listen to this hour!
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October 13th, 2011
"The Secret of the Spanish Mystics"

...and the Creative Power of the Word" which completes the title of Jaime's first book. How he became so intrigued with the terrible times of the inquisition. An environment of great knowledge, yet those who had that knowledge feared for their lives. Among others of that time 500 years ago the centerpiece of Jaime's research is focused on Fray Luis de Leon who wrote a book during his 5 years in prison, a time of intense torture, and coding it so it would not be destroyed. Those people knew the language, the words of power, they knew that what we speak makes the divine manifest in the "I AM" world! Today the coded language is science which supports the message and the message is the same, we are divine because we are human and learning the art of waking up! This brought Jaime to the question, "Who is going to teach me Walking on water 101?" Then came Ramtha and the White book. Turns out the message is still the same, well true ancient knowledge isn't fickle it is constant, plus this time it comes with a very detailed road map from Ramtha. Saints allow a new vision to come in, it's for those who can hear, truth is immortal. The names of Christ and pruning your own tree, it's the alchemy for the metal of humanity, conquering the human's mixed feelings, and learning why words are so important. "Speak like a Christ and you are creating what you say." And the Song of Songs explained.
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January 5th, 2010
"When Some Kind of Wonderful is on a Roll!"

Or shall we say a roller coaster! That is how it's been for Jaime since he was invited to speak along with many others (including George Green) at the Ecuador Conference last year. The response to his talk was receptive and exciting, and being the final speaker, Jaime was thrilled to be able to weave all the other talks on various subjects into his talk of RSE, its knowledge & disciplines that brings the knowledge into our reality. He so enjoyed having that outlet to express what he has learned, that he focused on more of that ...however it was to be. Then JZ invited him to become an RSE teacher for South America, something totally unexpected! The magic continues as he attends his first teacher's meeting with Ramtha, awesome, who told them all they had to master the cards before 2010 to remain teachers, and Jaime had three days to prepare to go to Columbia to teach his first event, great stories. Any spare time was devoted to focusing on the cards in airplanes, airports, everywhere! "Ramtha wants people doing the Work and living it, not just learning philosophy, and telling all who ask that they also can do it. I didn't understand the gravity of this until teaching in Columbia." Then his awesome experience demonstrating seeing the cards at RSE with 1000 people watching, and all that existed for him was his focus on those cards. We end with a question Ramtha asked Jaime to answer... this hour you will be enchanted by Jaime's adventures, his pure humility, and his ability to beautifully convey from the core of his being the truth he now knows.

"Hidden Truths in Ancient Writings"
A Very Special Six Part Series!
Join us as Jaime shares his personal journey
and experience as a student of Ramtha.
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~~~ The Knowledge in this series is Stunning and Timeless! ~~~
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August 15th, 2006 (Part 1)
"Where, What is the Source"

This series is Jaime's personal journey and experience as a student of Ramtha.   Questions about the nature of the divine and who we are led him to search for the source of what he read in theology and philosophy to learn, if possible, whether the original meaning survived.   He had found many loose ends and also clues in ancient writings and cultures and tells of taking a week off his study time for his finals to attend a Beginning Retreat at Ramtha's school.   It was just what he was looking for, a complete system of thought that answered questions he had yet to formulate.   He shares his personal experience of the traditional belief in a transcendental God outside ourselves and its consequences in contrast with learning we are divine beings ourselves.   We start with the book of Genesis, the beginning of the traditional story of creation and God's involvement in it, and discover an exciting and unexpected twist in the light of Ramtha's teachings and story of creation.

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August 16th, 2006 (Part 2)
"Who is this God I Believe In"

On his search for sources, clues were revealed, "...little candles that light the way," as Jaime attempted to reconcile his picture of God.   "I wanted to find out who is this God I believe in" isn't found in a book somewhere, it comes from the journey.   To understand the first sentence in the book of Genesis we must take a 2500-year quest and find out how we have defined who we are since that time.   From the deciphering of dying languages, the Mayan codex not readable until recently, the Hebrew term used for God, the encoded ancient language of the Sumerians indicating chaos in the void created everything, we begin to see a strong resemblance to Ramtha's story and emerging cracks in current-day beliefs.  We never see a single God in the original source of the story of creation, we see many, and they are portrayed as acting like humans!  The importance of recognizing that religious texts stand in contrast to purely historical records, sends us on our way to discovering a possible hidden message between the lines.  An exciting journey of discovery!

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August 17th, 2006 (Part 3)
"The Hidden Message"

An in-depth look at that first sentence of Genesis, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth."  What were these texts really saying?   What were the sources?   In Sumerian texts there is no mention of this all powerful entity, but a vast ocean, or the deep, the void, with an element of chaos causing the creation to emerge as in Ramtha's story. So what was the mind of the writers and editors of these ancient texts?   Did they actually have the understanding of creation that Ramtha has been teaching for decades to the world?   The monotheistic concept, which excludes us from divine nature, is beginning to crack... and break apart.  It has caused so many wars and still has not answered the great questions satisfactorily.  

The first word in Genesis is of great importance.  The implications of Jaime's interpretation of it in light of Ramtha's teachings is stunning and it exposes an unexpected hidden truth.

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September 18th, 2006 (Part 4)
"Exploring the Identity of Moses"

The historical figure who influenced modern culture, is a beacon of religion, and plays a key role in western civilization contributing a huge amount to social and cultural laws of behavior.   The French Revolution was a very interesting time in our history --religion and state split, and a new definition of who we are emerged, good thing as religion was crippling science...  it was a pivotal point in our 2,500 year journey of discovery.  We move forward through time from gaining human rights to beginning to understand quantum physics.   Now you don't need faith or church, it's pure science that we have the ability to know the divine without an intermediary.   Religious traditions are taken as fact yet archeologists in hot pursuit of Moses never found any evidence of him other than the bible.  Egyptians never even reported a Hebrew group or slaves...  the story of Moses was by tradition passed on orally for 1,000 years before it was actually written down.   Archeology is off the time line with the story, could Moses be more than one person?

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September 19th, 2006 (Part 5)
"When Truth Became Abstract Thought"

Religious stories have a purpose and are not necessarily based on historical fact.  Is there a figure who might fit Moses?  Or more than one?   Examine who was who in our history based on archeological findings uncovers some amazing clues.  From pharaohs, to bloodlines, to a ritual involving and arch on the Nile we find people and events that if we only read the bible we would never know about.   We have complete confusion of people in the Bible, the story of Moses is an elaboration more than actual history.   Every piece of historical evidence appears to greatly correlate with what Ramtha has always taught from the beginning, including how Jehovah took the place of our God.  The Biblical command, "you shall not worship any other...  or make images" broadly coincides with the loss of the pictographic content of language, affecting the way we communicate and use our brain.  Only through Ramtha's contribution to science in understanding how the brain really works do we appreciate the full significance of the historical evolution of written language.

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September 20th, 2006 (Part 6)
"Our Path to Un-enlightenment"

It's not that Moses didn't exist.  The historical Moses is, simply, not the same as the Moses remembered in the Bible.   The clue as to who Jehovah was; women were equals in Egypt, the opposite of what we see in the middle east today; The ending of the pure dynastic blood in Egypt marks the ending of an era and the emergence of a new one where women are no longer equal.  Where Moses really came from, the Biblical name for God, and the invention of the name Jehovah by the Masoretes.   Ramtha gives us clues about Jehovah, the God who created his own chosen people, and about his sister Diana.   Who might the Greek Diana be in Sumerian records and the Goddesses of Nature and Fertility, the Mother Goddess and puritanism.   How a monotheistic view of reality is no longer suitable and the significance of Ramtha's insistence that we are divine beings ourselves.

Isis is most of the time presented suckling her son Horus.  Mary is very rarely presented this way because of puritan reasons, so all we have is Mary holding Jesus on her lap.

Isis and Horus

The main things to notice here are:

-Isis sitting on a throne
-Mary sitting on a throne

-Isis suckling Horus
-Mary suckling Jesus

-Isis' arms: one holding her breast, the other holding the baby
-Mary's arms: same thing as Isis.

Mary Mother of God - Theotokos

The Icon of Mary is from the Syrian Orthodox monks in Egypt and is from about the 4th
century or so.  It is very ancient and before the puritan streak took hold of Christianity.

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Part I

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Part II
August 3rd, 2004
Two Hour Special!
What was the significance of texts from 2,000 years ago and as far back as the Sumerians? Jaime's long work and passion for ancient languages and finding the real meaning at the source, reveals for all of us the truth of ancient texts and how have we reshaped them over time. His search for answers to life's basic questions, why are we here? what is our purpose? Led to a journey of mystery, esotericism, and ultimately finding Ramtha, discovered that "Know Thyself" meant "Conquer Yourself."
Part I
Part II
Two CD Set

Click para ir a los Dialogos in Espanol Click to go to Dialogues in Spanish Jaime Leal-Anaya, entrevistado por Manuel Layseca, ofrece sus pensamientos y experiencias en la escuela de Ramtha.

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