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~~~ George Green ~~~
A former investment banker who was invited to become a member of the 'Power Elite.'
His is quite a journey, and one that brings us warning of a possible future if we do nothing.
We love George's attitude!!   He says...  "Hey, you have been given the biggest challenge in the world!"

George Green, a former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D.) and a Broker/Dealer, Securities Underwriter, and Real Estate Developer. Until some 12 years ago he was enjoying the "good life" of wealth and accomplishment.

George has an innate understanding of money, in a sense its non-reality --so given his knowledge it was a game to him, "playing Monopoly." So good was he at the game that he caught the attention of the powerful group of control junkies, and they reeled him in -and he learned a lot- in Las Vegas George was asked to build an enemy war camp, he went on to find out war camps are being built all over the US, but for who?

He played in their midst with as little concern, conscience, as they towards the masses being manipulated ...Until the corruption, the lack of morals, was casually aimed at his daughter. A moment that changed the course of his thinking and life. Breaking with that group of power mongers cost George millions, but it did not deter him from talking about what he did, what he saw was and is being done. George has the knowledge and still many connections to persons in power who know what is being planned but are unable or unwilling to speak out. George does. And his message is simple... "Be aware of what is happening and take care of yourselves and your family. Be prepared." We see the escalation of events worldwide, the methodical reduction of rights and freedom; we have no Constitution left; we have a dictatorship with a 'war president' how can that not open our eyes to the calculated results? George says the time is now to come together, to take action, and to understand the forces controlling the planet.

A further change brought on by his shift in consciousness, or hastened by it, is his connection to extra terrestrials and their messages. Those are contained in books George published and offers free: "Handbook for the New Paradigm" "Embracing The Rainbow" and "Becoming."   Download them from his Website
And [read here] THE CREATION (A recent message given to George Green from the "guys upstairs")

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September 15th, 2009
"Who You Are"
Do you know? The problems today are immense, the first thing is to gain knowledge so that you can make discernible decisions. At (with a brand new look) there are over 4 hours of video of George's perspective on what is happening. Today the FDIC is out of money. Banks are closing all over the place, other countries won't take the dollar. There will be wide spread materials shortages, China has been shopping the world. Half of the US population is over 50, and most are overweight leading to poor health ...and more "customers" for treatments, but not a cure. George says, "Wake up to who you are, your soul, and understand all the programming received since birth," he explains overall what is going on, in and with, human beings. Are the FEMA camps real? Well, he was asked to build one. The taxpayers marched on D.C. Sept 12, a protest of historic proportions, between one and two million but reported as thousands. Some "did you know?" facts about 9/11, Obamanation, the flu, kids playing war games, and other behind the scenes plans... See the Earth Clock at and the excellent articles on what to do. The main thing is "with knowledge you can follow the rules of creation, connect with others and protect yourselves." There are groups all over, how to connect, and how to prepare. He asks for guidance says this little prayer, "I'm a human becoming, help me become" it will open the door to solutions if people say that every day. He encourages you to read the Free Handbook, it will make you re-think things. "The question is can we have enough people resonating with this so the whole planet can change the end of the story." And the latest message from the ET ...a fantastic challenge!
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December 2nd, 2008
"Time to Awaken People!"
Things are overwhelming, but we are more than we think we are. The basis of the Handbook is to wake up people, the direction now is not acquisition of more things, rather need over want, to survive. The positive is the cleansing of the planet from decades of deception and corruption. We need to call upon higher energies within ourselves, which is what our off-world friends want humanity to 'remember' ...what happens if *we* are the saviour? We are. People have become more zombie-like, our kids are the Ritalin generation, florescent lights in schools are there for a reason: we wouldn't put our head in a microwave yet we'll keep a cell phone there for hours; a listener asked about Obama, who is pulling his strings? The ant hill at the top, the first 100 days, his new cabinet, and what can he accomplish; by the way "pension funds are gone, most people don't know that yet." detention camps; WW III in Q2 of 2009?... "well, after an economic collapse the best way to mobilize everybody is to start a war." Brian O'Leary, former astronaut, scientist, and international speaker has endeavored to wake up people. We need to create knowledgeable communities, people don't read and have short attention spans; get yourself taken care of and get this information out there; see the "Georgia Guidestones" at, shrouded in mystery and also known as the American Stonehenge. The committee of 300, the corporation game, the 13 families, and Bush has allowed an audit of the Fed Res after he is out of office, the Fed Res will then go down, so, create your own community trading system. A listener asked about his connections in the government, he said they are scared. "There's going to be a remnant of people left, we want you and your listeners to be part of that remnant."
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October 30th, 2008
"Who is George Green?"
This is an amazing and powerful story, a view of what is really going on behind the scenes in our world and our part in it, to wake up to who we really are here. As a kid he loved rocks and minerals and wanted to be a geophysical engineer, aka rock hound, however he ended up in the USAF research and development center where he first saw an alien craft in a hangar; from what happened next he realized these things are real, yet hidden from the public. He trained in nuclear missiles and then got into what he called a game of Monopoly, where he learned all about money, the banks, and the Federal Reserve. "They don't really know what money is, but I had to be licensed to sell it." He became an underwriter of securities which he saw as a license to steal; his brief talk with Senator Kennedy that left him reeling for three years; "will Obama make a any difference? The ant hill is still corrupted." The Global 2000 project where people are considered 'expendable containers' though for public consumption we are referred to as 'human resources' --the Billy Meier story, the ET connection, and a still classified 1984 UFO book on the Pleiades 'blew his mind'; ET's message is humans are running out of time; "You and I are nothing more than a spirit having a human experience" which his free handbook explains in detail, we need to get into our observer more and change this reality from that perspective. "So the end result of all of this is the awakening of those few people who want to make the transition to a higher understanding because this is all part of what the creation is doing finding out what it is and we're all part of it. Yet we are not victims, this is a do it yourself job, free will is our wild card." His bottom line advise and how the stock market is manipulated. Go to where George will help you through the cloud of malarkey.

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