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~~~ Gerald N. Epstein, MD ~~~
"Image is the natural and true language of the inside life. It is the silent language that is
communicated from invisible reality to visible reality through a channel of communication called mind."

Gerald N. Epstein, MD, is the foremost practitioner of integrative medicine for healing and self transformation. Trained as a Freudian analyst, he abandoned this direction in 1974 to study the therapeutic uses of the imagination. He has been a pioneer in the use of Mental Imagery for treating physical and emotional problems. As his work evolved over the years, he has become a leading exponent of the Western spiritual tradition and its application to healing and therapeutics.

Dr. Epstein's Healing Visualizations is now considered the classic book on the therapeutic use of mental imagery. Healing Into Immortality is an account of the reasons and remedies for illness.

Dr. Jerry maintains a private practice in New York and is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. He is Director of The American Institute for Mental Imagery, a post-graduate training center for health care practitioners and his continuing research is in mind/body medicine.  and   Here you may send e-mail to Dr. Jerry

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September 16th, 2005
"Never the Twain Shall Meet: Spirituality or Psychotherapy?"
The question "In what direction does a train go?" triggers and epiphany for Dr Jerry setting off an entirely new process of education.  Ignoring spirituality the traditional method is to haul your "chassis" in for repair... a fixed image perspective that studies only the measurable.  It's not what happened in your past, it's what you believe now!  What do you have control over?  Your beliefs!  It's the birth of your reality.  There is a shift in openness towards this.  "We're looking for your freedom, we want you to be free!"
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May 13th, 2004
Coming into fullness by overcoming obstacles, the 12 major universal false beliefs, things in time tend to decay, the then in the now.
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February 24th, 2004
The morphogenetic field, right from wrong, the limitless realm of imagination, and "Mind Medicine".

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