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~~~ Cody Lundin, Survival Expert ~~~
Cody's motto:   "The More You Know The Less You Need"
Cody Lundin, Survival Expert. His 'Aboriginal Living Skills School' ALSS, is in Prescott Arizona, his field courses are held in the wilderness, allowing you to receive the knowledge and experience your brain and body remembers. Cody is as effective a writer as he is a speaker and instructor, your hosts Nancy & Elena highly recommend his books: 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! and on urban preparedness: When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes!

Cody teaches primitive & modern wilderness living & survival skills "the essence of my school, to offer people an honest look at the wilderness within themselves and without." His expertise in practical outdoor skills comes from a lifetime of experience, including living two years in a brush shelter in the woods where he slept on pine needles and cooked over an open fire. He holds a BA in Depth Psychology and Holistic Health. teaches college credit courses, and lives in a self-reliant, passive solar earth home of his own design in the high-desert country of Arizona.

Cody and his school have been featured in dozens of international media sources including The Today Show, Discovery and History Channels, and Dateline NBC, you can see, and learn a lot from, videos on his website from some of those programs.

Why is it important to teach people wilderness survival and primitive living skills?
"Our modern world represents but a tiny fraction about how people have lived on this planet for thousands of years. Common sense skills relevant to the very survival of every culture on Earth have been virtually eliminated from the gene pool in a few generations. Self-reliance skills benefit people in many ways. Some of the perks are obvious, such as surviving a wilderness emergency, natural disaster, and educated prevention and planning. In a modern world heavily dependent on technology with seemingly no plan on what to do if that technology fails, knowing how to protect you and your loved ones brings welcome independence and peace of mind."   And there is much more that we gain from Cody's courses and talks... just tune in and if you can, go to his school.

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December 4th, 2008
"Manifestation, Harmony, and Fear"
Now we have Cody's books and they are awesome, great Xmas presents! We talk about his many interesting variety of courses, some are butt kicking and you can choose where to start and in no particular order. He reads a lot of real survival stories, the will to live, survival is 90% psychology, as in the film "What the Bleep" which tapped into to something that's unseen that keeps people alive. To be prepared is not to be scared, and what happens when we are scared. He is writing a 3rd book on natural disasters with a "no shit" page designed to be easy to use under stress. His talk is refreshing, frank, honest... Now our ratings will really go up as we talk about what, and what not, to wipe your butt with! And the most important sanitation issue. He pondered "if I'm thinking about preparedness and different scenarios do I draw that to manifest in reality?" Since we are not CNN Cody can comfortably explain how he views this question with his attention and focus as a co-creator of the divine, "I think what needs to happen more than anything on planet Earth now is harmony, we need people to be focused on harmony and bring in harmony to heal what's going on. Certainly as co-creators of the divine we have influence on that." Fear is counter productive, being prepared brings power, harmony, and confidence; how he work with kids (the Nintendo generation) at his school; "we are creating our life all of the time" being in harmony, being a more positive person can literally save your life, and how Mr. Bush was a big challenge to his growth of harmony.
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October 23rd, 2008
"The More You Know...
The less you need" is Cody's great motto as he teaches the art of keeping your ass alive and the all important 98.6. From a lifetime of personal experience, his school teaches hands-on survival skills, out in Nature, providing a deep understanding and experience of what you could face in an emergency or disaster. There is real straight talk here about mostly unspoken subjects regarding survival, and the amazing lack of physiological knowledge of many survival trainers. Cody deals with human physiology and psychology in his classes, unobtrusively... "instinct can be trained." If there's anyone you want in your face, before Mother Nature gets there, it's Cody. "People find out who they are and what they really need." His amazing self-reliant home, designed and engineered by Cody, how to be off the grid, what urban survival means, the two greatest enemies in a survival situation, and things to do in your home to avoid deadly mistakes. Have a feeling you need these skills? "Self reliance can be gained in baby steps, there's no pressure, it's not overwhelming, and you don't have to live in the middle of nowhere."

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