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~~~ Barry Carter ~~~

"I've become quite concerned that humanity is destroying the environment faster than it can repair itself. I feel that there are several ways that the ORMUS materials can help to reverse that trend. Many of the benefits of the ORMUS materials depend on the spin we give it when we introduce it to the world."

Barry Carter is a leading authority on a substance called ORMUS, also known as White Powder Gold, the focus of Laurence Gardner’s Lost Secret of the Sacred Ark. Barry has been working with ORMUS elements since 1989.   He travels around the world giving presentations on the historic contexts, biological implications, increasing scientific documentation, and practical engineering applications of these extraordinary substances.

The ORMUS elements are the precious metal elements in a natural non-metallic form. In this form they are much more common than they are in their metallic form. They exhibit strange properties. Sometimes they disappear, levitate or pass through solid objects. They seem to be related to the ancient alchemical materials, and have been linked to the Biblical manna, shewbread, King Solomon's gold and the Egyptian mfktz discussed by Gardner.

The ORMUS elements have been extracted from the air, water and the ground. Their relative abundance makes them quite easy to extract and concentrate using relatively simple chemical and mechanical methods. In his programs, Barry has brought us athrough the description, the clues, new findings and experiments... to the realization that this could change the world in magnificent ways!  Barry's Ormus & Ancient Egypt Presentation
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January 6th, 2005
Barry explores the fascinating history and symbols of ancient Egypt that point to their use of Ormus.  The twin serpents, a double helix, may depict DNA!  Kirlian photography captures double helix energy; the smallest particles have a helix structure; pyramids may be anti-gravity structures and the Arc of the Covenant a giant capacitor used to charge Ormus (when the Arc was stolen it started killing people!) and how to create the "Rainbow Serpent" by shinning a light down into a glass pyramid.
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October 29th, 2004
ORMUS, the greatest discovery in human history!!!   ORMUS is the communicator, the "modem" to the "Inner-net".   It is quantum coherent, meaning instantaneous response.   Is ORMUS the omni particle?   "We think it is, it is emergent matter, [ is invisible to spectroscopy] ...water is the key, we think ORMUS elements hide in water, when water gains weight it is emergent matter coming into the Universe".   This will have more impact on mankind than any other discovery ever made!
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August 16th, 2004
Question on superconductivity, a quantum behavior that can technically provide communication, levitation, teleportation...   and the story of Jim, Barry's friend and an inventor.   Jim was working on a method of cleaning mine waste water with ozone, which through an accident, led to the most amazing, unique, and peculiar, experiences and observations, we have heard of.   Barry spoke of them as clues to new and fantastic discoveries in technology, medicine, everything!   Next time Barry will take us beyond the clues into the potentials and the tremendous impact this could have on life as we know it.
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July 19th, 2004
What would be the most amazing discovery you could imagine?   ORMUS!   Also know as White Powder Gold, ORMUS has amazing qualities that go back to the Sacred Ark, it's fairly easy to produce, and exists in places you might not suspect.

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