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~~~ Amit Goswami, Ph.D. ~~~
"All the paradoxes of quantum physics can be solved if we accept consciousness as the ground of being"

Amit Goswami, Ph.D.  One of the rare scientists that appear in the film "What the Bleep do we Know", and one of the few who do not leave out consciousness in explaining quantum physics. Professor of physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon and author of numerous scientific papers and several books.

A teacher of physics for 32 years, he thought to ask a different question:  "What agency converts possibility into actuality?"  His pondering and research over the next few years brought the new way of doing science and many answers.   Consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all existence...the universe is self-aware and that consciousness creates the physical world.   Dr. Goswami calls the new paradigm "monistic idealism," with it the paradoxes of quantum physics are explainable, as is choice, free will, the unconscious, healing and creativity, and spiritual growth.

Dr. Goswami's books include:
Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World;
The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation & Immortality;
Physics of the Soul:  and   Quantum Physics of Quantum Healing

by Amit Goswami and Deepak Chopra.

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June 6th, 2013
"The Beauty of Quantum Physics and What it Can Teach Us!"
Exciting Quantum Activism in Brazil - Learning how to change their own life and the society with the help of quantum principles. Through Amit's workshops he has over 300 people trained and they are turned on! He gives lectures and workshops in other countries but it's really happening big in Brazil. Quantum psychics also has a very special role to play in medical practices and health care creating a new paradigm, while mainstream medicine and education is a mess. Amit is very optimistic about the future. If you can change then "Do be do be do!" Consciousness, creativity, and the unlimited potentials are foremost in his mind. He published a book on creativity in 1999, now 'Quantum Creativity' has been upgraded with many new things, and coming soon! We bring up the disciplines at RSE where students learn how to focus, which Amit is very aware of and he speaks about the importance of this and what is does to the body, why suffer, be in an artful focus and relaxing, the quantum possibilities are wavelengths that begin to expand, "If you cannot see that you are continuously evolving then I think you are missing something." If you are evolving it's important to acknowledge the changes that you accomplished. A very uplifting hour, Enjoy!
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October 13th, 2008
"The Advancement of Meaning"
Our Quantum Activist was received very well at the conferences in Germany and Brazil, a first for these venues to hear about non-locality, quantum consciousness, psychology, and more as Amit seeks unification between all the disciplines, biology, quantum physics, medicine, and be rid of the old paradigms of demarcation. He points out the similarities in economics and religions, still in 7th century doctrines, and the tower of babble. Genesis can now be accommodated in the new science, real truths are timeless. As for the economy it also has missing components, Adam Smith's theory of capitalism is a very good idea but not the materialist view where only a few have capital, and he gives a very interesting explanation on why it's not working, what is lacking, and the devastating effect of technology on our society. What can a Quantum Activist do? How about vote! Amit observes that Obama brings meaning we haven't seen since JFK, "if you never give importance to meaning then there's no reason I should be ethical. We must support the advance of meaning." The agenda is evolution, and the three things that can be proven by science, wonderful signatures of the divine ...God is not dead.
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May 1st, 2008
"God Is Not Dead"
The book intended to encourage you to become an quantum activist comes out in June with the scientific evidence for the existence of God. "Quantum physics allows us to give a precise definition of God, the perpetrator of downward causation." Then will come an important book about Darwin's theory which cannot be explained by evolutionary data. "Biology is in a conundrum full of ideas that can't be scientifically proven, quantum thinking solves such problems as fossil gaps and the huge amount of new life after a catastrophe." Next Amit goes to Germany, the first talk on quantum activism at an international conference! Then to Brazil, "very interesting things are happening, together we can change the world. Quantum physics tells us the world is full of possibilities, we've been thinking wrong for centuries, now is the time. Limited perception is for lazy people." Next, story time with Amit, a profound experience he had in 1973, a time from which you are hearing his words today. "We are falling short of where consciousness needs to be by embracing ideas that are not spiritual.... God is separate, materialism, etc.. His thoughts on Obama, maybe the hope we haven't seen since JFK, speaking to the meaning in people's life, and about peace, justice, truth. "Quantum non-locality must come into play, that is a powerful tremendous force."

Note: Amit would love to hear from you, and the contact in Brazil is
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May 8th, 2007
"Defining the Quantum Activist"
Beautifully and clearly outlining the pitfalls and advancements in our personal evolution.  As the starting song says, we're looking for adventure, and Dr. Goswami says the greatest adventure is quantum activism, he explains how this differs from activism, fundamentalist views, the drawbacks of perfection, and the myth of total transformation.   A good starting point is to see how we are already communing with nature, even our pets teach us about non-locality.   Quantum leaps in cognition alone are useful, but not enough, there has to be a shift in consciousness  --giving up ego and jumping into the abyss.  Relationships; heart energy at the romantic level;  the immune system;  and how allowing things to be 'unresolved' opens a world of possibilities.
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April 9th, 2007
"The Scientific Proof for God"
The evidence that consciousness is non-local and observation affects the material world;  what do materialists think about this;  how science uses common and uncommon sense, and what is non-locality.  An alternative science has emerged that includes the consciousness factor and is attracting the interest of the masses, people are hungry for this!  That 'Aha' experience comes from conscious mind, but we loose that connection and mostly rely on past memory, using a minor amount of our freedom.   "Narrow thinking is what causes the problems of the world  ...there is nothing outside of consciousness."  So what will we do about that?
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November 15th, 2004
"The Quantum Doctor", it's all possibilities, we choose, how to self heal, we are the laboratory and we have to trust that.   The placebo effect, using morphogenic fields to program the body, removing mental stress.   Making the Quantum Leap to healing! Do-Be-Do-Be-Do!
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August 30th, 2004
Can science deliver on the question of God whereas religions have more or less failed? The meaning of God, downward causation, the connection of sentience. In pop religions God is separate, in esoteric religions all are connected, and quantum physics says the world is not based on matter, but on consciousness. Four steps in going beyond ego boundaries and making quantum leaps to reach this consciousness and evolving our "Super Brain". Scientific evidence shows that we are on the verge of a giant evolutionary quantum leap for mankind!
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May 17th, 2004
A staunch materialist until he dared to ask, "What agency converts possibility into actuality?" and found a new paradigm that resolves the paradoxes of quantum physics and defines the physics of the soul, our non-locality, conscious observer, and restores scientific faith that indeed we are more than our physical self, a quantum monad that travels through lifetimes.

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